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IPM Reconfirms its Support of the U.S. Military and its Veterans

Since its founding in 1988, Integrated Project Management has actively sought to hire military veterans. Doing so allows IPM to give back to generous people who have made great personal sacrifices to preserve our freedoms and liberties. The commitment extends to hiring and supporting men and women in the Reserves and National Guard, enabling them to serve their country and communities when needed while fully supporting their families.

“Hiring military personnel is something I’ve always been passionate about,” says IPM Founder, President, and CEO C. Richard Panico. “I have a deep appreciation for their sacrifices to preserve our freedoms and liberties, which are so often taken for granted. Military hiring is another way that we can give back.”

What Veterans Bring to IPM

It’s not just patriotism and gratitude that drive IPM’s appreciation of veterans. Hiring veterans also greatly benefits the company and its clients. Thanks to their training and experience, they have the skills and capabilities needed to deliver high-impact project leadership. Their dedication and ability to inspire others to achieve high performance are among the qualities that make them effective company leaders and potential executives. The values they live by—service to others, the desire to have a positive impact, and disciplined and unwavering pursuit of their mission—align with IPM’s Fundamental Values.

Veterans’ impact on the organization also provides opportunities for non-military IPM family members and client team members to gain insight into the military and experience of veterans, furthering the appreciation for the contributions of those in the armed services.

“These men and women have done an awesome job at IPM,” Panico says. “They love our environment because it aligns with the discipline, leadership, and values-driven organizations that exemplify our military.”

Former U.S. Army Medical Corps Officer and IPM Senior Consultant Beth Lloyd’s military experience has prepared her for high-pressure projects. → 

Director Darren Moe, a West Point graduate and U.S. Army veteran, applies the flexibility and adaptability he honed as an officer to his role at IPM. →

Serving Veterans in the Community

IPM also demonstrates the values it shares with the military through its Integrated Project Mercy philanthropy program. Each quarter, one of the offices selects a nonprofit organization or cause, and each office donates its time, talent, and treasure to support it. Veterans and their families are among the most treasured and respected recipients. The program has given the IPM family another way to give back to those who have given so much to preserve our freedoms.

Many veterans experience hardships after their service, including homelessness, lack of healthcare coverage, and mental health issues. A recent Project Mercy program aimed to help them. →


If you are a veteran and want to learn more about working at IPM, view our current openings or contact us for information.


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