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Production Scheduling Optimization

Applying deep expertise in manufacturing and supply chain, IPM can tailor advanced planning and scheduling software to your operation, reducing costs, inventory levels, and changeover complexity. 

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Advanced planning and scheduling can help manufacturers improve productivity and margins and get more from their existing equipment and workforce. But balancing inventory and customer demand can be a challenge on a good day. When raw material and skilled labor are in short supply, and SKU proliferation and unscheduled break-ins continue to rise, it’s even more difficult. 

IPM consultants can help by assessing your operation and tailoring state-of-the-art scheduling software to your unique needs. With deep expertise in manufacturing and supply chain, we understand the tradeoffs you make every day between your well-thought-out production schedule and the short runs due to raw material shortages, customer-requested rush jobs, and unplanned downtime.  

Optimize your production schedule

First, we’ll work with your team, from staff on the line to senior management, to understand and map your products, processes, and priorities. Then, working with our partners at Phenix Software Inc., we’ll apply best practices to develop a product wheel that suits your specific business needs. A product wheel sequences production efficiently, optimizing run lengths and minimizing line changeovers. While the configured software provides an efficient and reliable production schedule, it also lets you run scenarios to optimize break-ins and evaluate potential long-term changes.  

IPM’s expert consultants will: 

  • Join you on-site to understand your operations and work directly with stakeholders from the plant floor to the management office to learn challenges and uncover opportunities. 
  • Create custom rules to drive your unique product wheel, incorporating best practices. 
  • Personalize the user experience and easily integrate Phenix with existing ERP and planning systems. 
  • Lead your team through testing, training, and deployment, followed by post-deployment iteration and support. 

The result: More effective changeovers and break-ins mean you’ll improve productivity and unlock capacity from your existing equipment and labor. With the ability to set and adjust inventory, you can reliably meet customer service targets. The increased throughput and lower costs, including from reduced inventory levels, will drive up margins. And with smarter, faster decision-making, you will be more resilient to better manage unexpected disruptions. 

Count on IPM to help you drive production efficiency

IPM consultants bring expertise in manufacturing and supply chain, as well as technology implementation, to the table. We’ve led hundreds of manufacturing improvement and supply chain projects, and we have more than 30 lean/six sigma-certified consultants as well as those with APICS and plant engineering certifications.  

The Phenix Software team has worked with some of the most respected supply chain organizations in America. Customers typically see throughput increases up to 30 percent. And one client increased its annual volume by 6 percent. On-staff mathematicians and analysts continually optimize the algorithms that enable users to optimize their own production cycle and make intelligent decisions when the unexpected occurs. 

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Leverage our combined tools, skills, and experience to maximize capacity and yield, minimize the impact of changeovers and other downtime, and decrease inventory costs. 



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