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Program and Project Management

Expand capabilities. Prioritize. Execute. Optimize the use of your resources with IPM’s project management expertise.

Your success depends on accomplishing strategic and critical initiatives. These are often the most complex, challenging, and time-sensitive projects, and they require cross-functional cooperation. You can rely on IPM’s proven processes, tools, and training to help you execute projects efficiently—without interrupting day-to-day operations—and build your project management maturity. 

You know your customers and the competitive environment. You’ve identified your strengths and opportunities, and your business strategy is sound. But while most organizations are adept at developing strategies, many struggle to turn strategy into sustainable results while managing day-to-day operations. The critical, time-sensitive programs and projects that drive results require significant expertise, focus, discipline, and resources.

Using best-in-class project management processes, tools, and training, IPM helps ensure the essential work gets done quickly and efficiently. Unlike conventional business consulting firms, IPM is all about execution excellence. Everyday operations continue uninterrupted while we lead planning and execution of your key projects, provide structure around your project management office, or help translate your strategy into actions that will drive success.

Customized to suit your organization’s needs and maturity level, our project and program management services deliver:

  • Intended value and outcomes of your projects
  • On-time and on-budget completion
  • Rationalized and optimized processes and use of resources
  • Effective communications that build awareness and visibility
  • New internal capabilities to sustain success

When your list of programs and projects under consideration exceeds your organization’s resources, count on IPM to engage your team and stakeholders, and manage schedules, communications, risk, and change.

Our project management consultants can lead your most complex projects and implement your most critical initiatives. Working side by side with you, IPM’s Project Portfolio Management experts can provide a roadmap and prioritized recommendations. We can help you establish a Project Management Office to lead and optimize your project management capabilities. Our Strategy Realization Model can guide you through alignment, prioritization, and execution, building key processes and optimizing resource use to drive the work that achieves your strategy.

Working with IPM, you’ll see firsthand how program and project management expertise adds value. To build capabilities within your own team, we instill the same strategic planning and execution competency that was recognized as a “role model practice” when we received the 2018 Malcolm Baldrige Award.

Project Leadership Pairing best-in-class project management processes, tools, and training with specialized knowledge and industry experience, IPM leads your team to successful outcomes.
Strategy Realization Using IPM’s proprietary Strategic Realization Model, we’ll help you build key processes to translate your strategic initiatives into action, align your resources, and enhance internal capabilities to achieve your most important objectives.
Project Portfolio Management Raise the maturity level of your portfolio management and enhance decision making, communication, governance, and prioritization to ensure projects align with your strategy and you achieve your goals.
Project Management Office A PMO can optimize project, program, and portfolio management capabilities. With years of experience and a team of experts, IPM can establish, enhance, or lead your project governance standards and procedures.
Change Management Connect, empathize, engage, and empower your team with change management services from IPM.


As soon as you get into manufacturing improvement projects, you dig in and see things you didn’t anticipate. Solving new problems takes very strong relationships and communication to stay aligned on the goals and the approach, and IPM has those capabilities."

Vice President of Operations, Food and Beverage Manufacturer

With IPM’s leadership, we were able to identify and prioritize the needed changes and then plan and execute the improvements. The IPM project leaders became a part of our hospital family as they brought a level of communication and departmental coordination that we likely would not have achieved on our own. With their project leadership, we were able to complete the process improvements in about half the time expected. As a result, we are now achieving metric goals in patient throughput many months sooner than we had hoped."

Medical Director, Hospital

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