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Mergers and Acquisitions

Grow. Accelerate innovation. Capture value. IPM will help you move forward with a clear path to realize your M&A goals.

Your merger or acquisition will reach its full potential when the organization and integration efforts are aligned to clear goals. But unexpected challenges and distractions can delay or derail your progress. IPM navigates a path to success to help you achieve the maximum value from your M&A deal.

Today’s competitive landscape demands growth and innovation. Mergers and acquisitions can accomplish those goals quickly. However, buying or selling a company, business unit, product line, or intellectual property isn’t a simple transaction. A successful M&A outcome includes integration of not only business processes, but also cultures and talent. The pace is fast and the work is disruptive. No wonder research shows 70% to 90% of deals fail to produce the expected value.

IPM can help you navigate a path to maximize the value of your M&A deal. Project leadership is our core strength and when it is combined with experience in complex mergers and acquisitions, the details come into focus through an efficient, time-tested process.

Our services are flexible to meet your specific needs, so you’re in control. IPM’s collaborative leadership approach delivers value by:

  • Clearly aligning the work and outcomes to your deal’s goals
  • Providing visibility into a prioritized portfolio of integration initiatives
  • Achieving stable operations from Day One
  • Integrating and often improving business processes
  • Creating a vision for the talent and culture needed to prosper
  • Communicating with employees effectively
  • Developing the tools and skills to help your team manage future integrations

Whether you need project leadership for due diligence activities, a program manager to lead the integration of a functional team, guidance for establishing an integration management office, or help developing a playbook to support a long-term M&A business strategy, IPM will help you reach your goals.

Project Leadership Combining disciplined project management with M&A experience, IPM can lead your organization through complex integrations that add value to your business.
Integration Management IPM takes a custom approach to leading your M&A integration, building your Integration Management Office, or developing a playbook for the future.


“The team at IPM served as true partners in a multimillion-dollar healthcare acquisition, where they provided project management services and expertise. Working side by side, it was inspiring to see how the IPM team truly embodies and demonstrates the core values of IPM, including integrity, trust, respect, and a passion for excellence. The IPM team performed admirably and exceeded all expectations to ensure the project was a success.” "

Hospital Vice President

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