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Manufacturing Improvement

Using best-in-class tools and a tailored approach, IPM can analyze your capacity, production processes, and cost of goods sold, identify inefficiencies and constraints, and then lead the projects that improve manufacturing.


Today’s consumer trends and competitive environment demand that manufacturers produce more with less—less labor, less waste, less environmental impact, less room for error. The right tools and processes can help you maximize efficiency while minimizing costs, leading to improved capacity and margins. But this takes time, and who has resources that can step away from their day job to find and implement ways to optimize operations?

IPM’s multipronged approach helps identify the opportunities to eliminate bottlenecks, minimize quality issues, automate processes, and more. We analyze, observe, and develop recommendations about your operations. From there, we’ll create a roadmap for implementing improvements and lead you in all phases of the execution.

Optimize manufacturing efficiency

Successful manufacturers continually look for ways to improve operations, especially when labor and material costs are skyrocketing. IPM methods will uncover the root cause of your inefficiencies while our lean manufacturing and automation expertise will help find solutions. We’ll build the understanding and trust needed within your team to make meaningful changes among everyone from machine operators on the plant floor to senior executives.

IPM’s expert consultants will:

  • Analyze your manufacturing capacity, production processes, cost of goods sold, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Observe operations and interview plant management and staff.
  • Identify opportunities to improve throughput and reduce waste.
  • Develop a prioritized roadmap and lead your team through the implementation of manufacturing improvements, leveraging change management techniques to ensure engagement.
  • Accelerate understanding and adoption of a lean manufacturing and continuous improvement framework.

Let IPM propel your profit and business growth with manufacturing efficiency improvements.

How We Can Help You

Assess your manufacturing efficiency

IPM’s assessment of manufacturing efficiency is based on shift observations and analysis of key aspects of your operation including capacity, production line processes, waste, COGS, and OEE. We gain insight from plant staff and management and use our expertise in lean manufacturing to conduct root cause analyses and identify opportunities for improvement. Our consultants will create a custom prioritized roadmap for implementing changes, including justification for investments in equipment, automation, Industry 4.0 tools, or expansion.

Lead the implementation of improvements

IPM stays with you every step of the way until your manufacturing efficiency roadmap is complete. We help you break down larger plans into smaller projects and test ways to increase throughput and reduce costs before making major changes. By leveraging proven change management techniques, we ensure engagement and adoption of new solutions from all participants and reinforce or instill a culture of continuous improvement.

Count on IPM for Manufacturing Improvements

Selecting the right partner is essential to optimizing your manufacturing efficiency. IPM consultants speak the language of manufacturing. And we take the time to fully understand your product and processes. With IPM as your partner, you’ll have access to more than 30 lean/six sigma-certified consultants as well as those with APICS, OSHA, and plant engineering certifications. Since 2016, we’ve led more than 30 clients through manufacturing improvements. Low-cost, actionable opportunities are just waiting to be found. Leverage the skills and experience of IPM to gain the manufacturing efficiency you need to grow in today’s market.



Improving Processes Yields Big Savings for F&B Plant

To succeed, a manufacturer needs to constantly look for ways to meet demand and save costs. A food company turned to IPM to identify operations inefficiencies and cost-reduction opportunities and recommend long-term improvements. The result? Low-cost, actionable opportunities that would add up to $850,000 in line-hour savings annually, or a 2.2 percent margin increase.

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