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Mergers, acquisitions, globalization, and outsourcing may be beneficial for company growth, but they also contribute to supply chain complexity. Customers today are more sophisticated and demanding than ever, forcing companies to respond quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively to the needs of the marketplace.

Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (IPM) takes a comprehensive view of your supply chain. We execute improvements by identifying gaps in alignment between your company’s strategic goals and the supply chain processes used to achieve them. Our approach is collaborative and brings your organization’s key stakeholders together to create a smooth-running operational model devoid of extraneous costs and inefficiency.

IPM’s project management consultants ensure your supply chain operates as a unified, well-integrated process with the flexibility to accommodate changes and consistently execute the inherent processes. We emphasize building a strong link with external stakeholders such as vendors, carriers, third party companies, and information systems providers to create synergy and alignment. Best practice supply chains execute flawlessly with impeccable timing, accuracy, and consistency. We understand these attributes and apply an approach that enables disparate supply chain partners to work together and effectively achieve them.

Count on IPM When You Need Supply Chain Optimization

IPM has managed projects to revitalize existing supply chains and optimize individual elements of the supply chain process from raw material supply to manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment. Our experience with supply chain projects include:

  • Raw and finished goods inventory control
  • Product traceability
  • Ingredient substitutions
  • Outsourcing decisions
  • Technology transfer
  • Material supply management
  • Distribution network optimization


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Sean Kilroy


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