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Integrated Project Mercy

Giving back is a core principle of Our Mission & Beliefs, the ideals we live by every day. Through Integrated Project Mercy, our employees dedicate their time and talents to their communities while strengthening their relationships with each other.

One of IPM’s seven offices selects a different charity for the company to support every quarter, generally focusing on children, education, or the underprivileged. Through these efforts, IPM employees have raised thousands of dollars while contributing hundreds of hours to help those in need.

Supporting Women’s Health and Wellness

For much of modern history, clinical trials and health studies focused mainly on men. Women and their specific needs were overlooked or not adequately addressed. Discussing so-called “female problems” is still often considered taboo. So IPM supported women’s health and wellness for its most recent Integrated Project Mercy efforts.

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Empowering Research to Accelerate Cures

The theme for Integrated Project Management Company’s quarterly philanthropic effort often stems from one employee’s personal experience. Such was the case in the third quarter, when the theme for Integrated Project Mercy, as the effort is known, was charities that support research into cures.

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Supporting Children’s Heart Health and Well-Being

Each year, approximately 40,000 babies are born in the United States with a congenital heart defect. Fortunately, with early detection and treatment, more than 85 percent of these children survive into adulthood. To continue to advance children’s health, IPM donated time and funds to the Children’s Heart Foundation and similar charities.

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Caring for Caregivers

More than 11 million Americans provide unpaid care for loved ones with dementia. IPM’s latest Project Mercy efforts supported these caregivers, who often struggle with financial and mental strain.

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Mentoring America’s Youth

Young adults who have mentors are less likely to skip school and more likely to hold leadership positions later in life. Children who experience mentoring, especially those living below the poverty line, are introduced to opportunities they might not have learned about. So, IPM selected Junior Achievement for the most recent Project Mercy effort.

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Supporting Resettling Refugees

According to the UN Refugee Agency, 103 million people are currently forcibly displaced around the world. These people are forced to leave their homelands for various reasons, including war, ethnic or political violence, and religious or political persecution. When refugees are able to relocate, they often face new challenges, such as losing all their possessions and their close-knit communities for support. That’s why IPM chose to support resettling refugees for its most recent Integrated Project Mercy activities.

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Elevating Everyday Heroes

According to the Economic Policy Institute, 55 million Americans worked in essential industries during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. While public health and economic outlooks were uncertain, people serving in these roles continued to show up for their communities. Their commitment to others inspired IPM to select “Supporting Everyday Heroes” as the theme for the second-quarter Integrated Project Mercy activities.

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Fighting Hunger, Near and Far

More than 10 percent of American households experience food insecurity each year. That’s why IPM chose to adopt “From Farms to Food Banks” as the theme for the first-quarter Integrated Project Mercy activities.

“This theme meant bolstering the production of crops reaching people with food insecurity in our communities,” explains John Gracia, a director in IPM’s Boston office and the Q1 Project Mercy lead. “The sweat equity of our spring labor is now providing fresh produce throughout the growing season to those in need.”

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