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Consumer Products

Consumer products companies must be quick to respond to market trends while maintaining cost control.

Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (IPM) applies the discipline of project management to lead initiatives in food and beverage, health and beauty, household appliances, home improvement products, and other consumer product companies. IPM works onsite to lead you through the complex task of transforming strategy into plans and plans into action in order to get your products launched quickly and into the hands of your consumers.

Intense consumer demand means you must be able to turn on a dime to grow product lines and improve organizational capabilities. IPM can help, with project management consulting that delivers results where they matter most. Want to accelerate your product development process? Making a health claim and need FDA approval? Need to rationalize your product lines? IPM blends a proven project and program management approach with deep experience in areas such as process improvement, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and technology transfer to quickly bring your products to market to meet your customers’ expectations.

Regulations are constantly evolving to reflect new scientific information, and companies must be able to comply with regulatory changes. For instance, food and beverage companies of all sizes must comply with the new mandates of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) by 2018. IPM can help you with FSMA compliance—leading the development of your Food Safety Plan, managing the implementation of supply-chain preventative controls, or guiding the selection and implementation of a Records Management System.

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