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Capital Project Management

You need to minimize disruption and maximize return on capital projects. IPM’s expertise helps you mitigate risks and maintain control over investments in new manufacturing facilities, new capabilities, and new equipment. 



A capital project is an investment in the future, to bring new products to market, increase output, or reduce COGs. But too often, major initiatives come with disruption, project delays, cost overruns, and a disappointing return on investment. With the right expertise and laser focus, you can minimize risk and maintain control of building expansion, relocation, consolidation, new equipment, or capacity improvement projects. And all without taking the valuable time of operations or production managers to lead these complex and critical projects. 

IPM will engage the right stakeholders to ensure your capital investment is justified and aligned with your organization’s goals. Our consultants lead you through activities from site selection, facility design, RFP processes, and equipment selection, to installation, commissioning, start-up, and beyond. We’ll manage the budget, prepare a schedule and oversee technology transfer, so there are no surprises. Our sole focus is ensuring your investment delivers the results you expect.  


Protect your capital investment  

IPM protects your capital investment by first establishing the scope of the project including the deliverables, tasks, deadlines, and costs. We’ll verify the data to ensure your project is justified. From there, the focus is on execution. We’ll work with plant management, engineering, supply chain, sales and marketing, and other stakeholders to determine and meet requirements, mitigate risks, and coordinate the many workflows.  

IPM’s expert consultants will:  

  • Engage stakeholders to identify needs and obtain organizational alignment. 
  • Set the project scope and ensure the capital investment will yield the desired business results. 
  • Manage vendor and contractor assessment and selection. 
  • Facilitate design and/or construction plans with a focus on improving operational efficiency.  
  • Ensure projects are completed in a timely manner with effective controls and budget management.  

Major capital projects are critical to your success. Let IPM lead your capital management projects from beginning to end to minimize disruption and maximize return.  

How We Can Help You

Lead your expansion, relocation, or consolidation

There’s a lot to consider with a new or re-engineered facility. IPM provides end-to-end leadership, beginning with justification of your capital investment and ending well past start-up. We’ll gain alignment among stakeholders in product development, supply chain, finance, and manufacturing. With a singular focus on enhancing your operations, we’ll lead you through project execution. We develop and manage procedures for site selection, RFPs, vendor selection, bids and contracts, design and construction, and commissioning and start-up. Using proven tools, our consultants keep schedules and budgets on track and apprise stakeholders of progress and changes. Your team and your operations will be ready to begin reaching your goals as soon as the project is complete. 

Lead your equipment selection and installation

Equipment is becoming more complex, more automated, and more expensive. Old ways won’t suffice to make the most of your investment. IPM consultants will help you justify your investment, assess your options, and make the right equipment choice. We’ll also see you through factory acceptance testing, delivery, site acceptance testing, and installation qualification. With IPM by your side, technology transfer goes off without a hitch. You’ll minimize downtime and get up and running quickly. 

Lead your vertical line start-up

When line start-ups take longer than anticipated, it can drain productivity. With IPM on your side, you’ll reap the expected benefits of a new line sooner. We work with plant management, engineering, and other stakeholders on everything from defining line start-up expectations through operational integration to ensure your equipment meets your business objectives. IPM’s consultants will lead commissioning as well as operations and performance qualification. We will ensure your team is prepared and well trained for the new line, so you can quickly reach full production capacity 

Count on IPM to Lead your Capital Projects

There’s a reason why companies have chosen IPM to support more than $3 billion in capital expenditures since 2016. IPM is uniquely qualified to support the food and beverage, pet care, and other highly regulated industries. When you hire IPM to lead your capital project, you have access to talented individuals with certifications in plant engineering, quality engineering, APICS, OSHA, production and inventory control, and supply chain. Since 2016, we’ve led 20 clients through more than 50 capital improvement projects. Leverage our skills and experience to ensure your next capital investment will help you accomplish your strategic objectives and deliver the return you expect.  


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