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Business Process and Technology Optimization

Save time. Maximize productivity. Improve quality. Optimize business processes and expand the impact of your technology investments with IPM.

When your business processes align with your business model, every activity has value and supports performance. IPM can help you optimize your processes and get the most from the technology investments meant to support them. Our process-first approach enhances efficiency and consistency, which leads to better metrics and decision making.

Effective business processes aligned with the company business model drive efficiency and quality. Consistent and predictable, they also enable better decision making. Inefficient or redundant business processes can affect quality and waste time and money. Looking for a solution, organizations often just replace or upgrade business technology. However, when you adopt a new system without fully considering key processes, the “solution” fails to deliver.

IPM helps optimize both your business processes and technology to maximize the impact of your investments, improve quality, and strengthen the bottom line.

Whether you need to document or streamline complex workflows, untangle multiple software systems, or evaluate and roll out new technology, IPM takes a process-first approach. We assess your current tools, methods, and outputs, then build a plan and work side by side with you execute it. Our expert consultants will help you to:

  • Increase the strategic value of your teams’ efforts
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Achieve consistent results
  • Strengthen your bottom line

Through experience, we know implementing any procedural change or new system is often the most challenging phase. Success relies on blending processes with work habits and customs. So we apply change management practices to ensure adoption and long-term value.

There is no “right” business process. The “best” enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), laboratory information management (LMS), or other system for another company may not be the best one for you. We know all the major system providers’ workflows, strengths, and levels of adaptability. Our only goal is to understand your needs and provide the best solution for your business.

Project Leadership Combining disciplined project management with business process and technology experience, IPM can lead your organization through workflow improvements that drive efficiency.
System Selection and Implementation Applying deep expertise in business process optimization and technology, IPM can assess your practices, help you identify the right system based on your needs, and lead its implementation and adoption.
NetSuite ERP Implementation With insight that comes from ERP and business process engineering experience, plus a focus on maximizing value, IPM is the right partner for your NetSuite implementation.


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IPM helped us build an ERP from the ground up. We were starting with a fractured, siloed handful of systems that had to be integrated into one. Today, we have visibility to the data across all departments and parts of the business. It’s one of the biggest improvements. And with our planned growth, it sets us up for success in the long term."

Sales Division Manager, Food Manufacturing Company

[The IPM team] was absolutely marvelous. They were quick studies, assimilated quickly, were well organized and astute. I appreciated their style—assertive yet diplomatic, impactful yet seamless. You have given us 100 percent confidence we will succeed, as the tool was comprehensive yet simple. I also appreciate not only the work ethic but commitment to excellence. Your followup post-implementation to ensure effectiveness validates your ongoing commitment to your clients’ success."

Hospital President

When I contacted IPM, our company had gotten into a unique, large project with a client that was more complex and challenging than we had originally anticipated. IPM helped us ‘right the ship’ and make course adjustments. Since their involvement, we have been able to make steady progress. The IPM methodology and approach works well, and they helped develop confidence internally for us as well as externally with our key client by driving accountability and responsibility. During our engagement, we received support from all levels within IPM—it was not a simple, single-handed effort by one person. My experience with IPM has been very positive, and I would recommend this company to anyone who needs project management and guidance to work through complex programs and projects."

Justin Witkowski, SVP Operations & Client Services (Healthcare Services), Quantros

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