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Our Mission & Beliefs

Our essential purpose is to provide exceptional leadership to transform strategies and solutions to sustainable results. As a business consulting firm, Integrated Project Management Company Inc. (IPM) solves complex problems and plans and executes strategically critical projects across multiple industries. Through our dedicated and talented family of professionals, IPM provides unmatched quality, caring, and value to our clients. This is accomplished through disciplined application of continuously evolving tools and methodologies, project leadership practices, and advanced knowledge management. IPM’s obsession with excellence, honesty, ethical conduct, and uncompromising integrity assures an impeccable reputation as the leader within our profession.

IPM’s values-driven, self-motivated, and highly-skilled “family members” are our most important assets and the source of our differentiation. Therefore, IPM must ensure that our employees are challenged, provided growth opportunities, and treated fairly with respect and dignity. Discrimination will never have a home here. Performance feedback must be honest, objective, and timely, guiding employees to their full potential and aspirations. Development must be well-structured and optimized by melding the wisdom of experience with the energy of ambition. In consideration of our employees’ commitment to the Company, IPM will share its financial successes, promote an exceptional culture consistent with Our Fundamental Values, employ compassion in addressing personal and family needs, and provide equitable compensation based on performance, team contributions, and market value.

It is the Company’s intent to maximize job security and to involve all employees in achieving this goal. IPM’s future will be well-defined and planned. To assure IPM’s relevance and longevity, planning will consider market and economic trends and incorporate lessons learned. The Company must, in a disciplined yet motivating fashion, forever embrace continuous improvement and teamwork, and defy complacency in any form.

Beyond responsibility to its employees and customers, IPM must influence the economic and societal future of this country, preserve the positive elements of free enterprise, and extend a helping hand to those in need. IPM will pursue every avenue to influence the business community by educating others on the value of analytical decision-making and proper planning. Planning is the key to success. The Company will support education and strive to continually improve standards so that all have the opportunities they deserve. Education is an integral part of economic survival. IPM will participate in community affairs and lobby for government programs that will bolster American business competitiveness, promote ethical practices, and provide opportunities for all who strive to improve the quality of their lives.

IPM’s Mission is honored each time a client’s expectations are exceeded, each time an employee achieves his or her dreams, each time IPM earns an employee’s loyalty, each time a worthy cause benefits from our efforts, and each time the Company positively influences our society and the world in which we live.