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Change Management

Connect, empathize, engage, and empower your team with change management services from IPM.

Change brings growth and opportunity. But even for those who embrace it, the accelerating pace of change can be challenging. Especially when it’s time to spread the change throughout your organization.

From adapting to major market disruptions to making workflow improvements, the ability to adjust to new ways of working has become critical to success. IPM’s change management services address both the operational and human factors of change. Learn powerful techniques to connect and empathize with your team and engage and empower them to adopt and sustain the change.


Change management will take your evolution to the next level

Change management is a critical element of virtually every project, program, and critical initiative you undertake. Consider mergers and acquisitions integrations, company reorganizations, new business process or technology rollouts, and quality or manufacturing improvements. Without acceptance of change, achieving your strategic goals will be difficult. IPM’s change management consultants can help:

  • Assess your people, organization, and projects to determine their readiness for change.
  • Overcome potential barriers and resistance to change.
  • Develop a plan to support adoption of change, customized for your unique needs and goals.
  • Engage executives and change agents to ensure adoption.

IPM can help you connect with the hearts and minds of those impacted by a change, empathize with employees’ needs and engage them in the effort, and empower everyone in your organization by building a capability to sustain change.

What IPM can do for you

Assess change readiness
You can’t move forward before you know where you are. IPM’s structured change readiness assessment examines your people, organization, and projects. We’ll show you how to overcome barriers and make the most of your strengths. Are your culture and processes rooted in the past? Does your workforce have the skills needed to support the changes? Is leadership aligned with the change? IPM delivers tailored recommendations to leverage your organization’s strengths and improve the areas that will impact you the most.

Develop customized change management strategy and plans
IPM change management consultants leverage best practices and develop a custom approach based on your organization’s initiative and readiness for change. These unique plans address your specific needs and ensure sustainability. Change management plans can include training, communication, stakeholder engagement, risk management and mitigation, and metrics to measure adoption of change.

Implement change management plans
We will lead your organization through the execution of your custom change management plan, ensuring alignment with the objectives of the initiative that’s driving the change. Leveraging feedback tools and metrics, we monitor engagement and adoption and adjust tactics as needed. IPM can also provide managers with training or coaching in change management. The result is a clear vision for the change, a structure that drives awareness and engagement in new ways of working, and teams who are empowered to achieve the long-term goals.

Count on IPM for change management

Extensive experience sets IPM’s change management practice apart. After helping thousands of employees navigate new organizational structures, technologies, systems, and processes, we know what works and what doesn’t. Since 2012, we’ve logged more than 50,000 hours working on change management projects.

Our approach to change management brings together the best of various models, including IPM’s core project leadership competency. Many of our consultants hold change management certifications from organizations such as the Association of Change Management Professionals and Prosci. Whatever change management expertise you need, count on IPM to bring it.

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