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Strategy Realization

Using IPM’s proprietary Strategic Realization Model®, we’ll help you build key processes to translate your strategic initiatives into action, align your resources, and enhance internal capabilities to achieve your most important objectives.

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing a sound business vision. And turning vision into strategy and strategy into action is how great organizations are made. But most companies fail to execute their strategy. Reasons include a failure to prioritize efforts, inadequate resources, inconsistent communication, a lack of commitment, and resistance to change.

There is no better time to address this challenge. Being the first to capitalize on market opportunities or manage threats can be key to your success. IPM’s strategy realization experts provide a framework to formulate your strategy and turn it into action. Setting a clear strategic direction, identifying and prioritizing your strategic objectives, then breaking them down into actionable and measurable goals—and projects designed to achieve those goals—aligns your organization on the work that will enable success. Coupled with suitable skills, tools, and change management techniques, it also fosters a culture of trust and accountability while empowering employees. With IPM consultants guiding you, strategy realization is a capability that will add enduring value to your organization.


Build a capability to achieve your strategy

We’ll take your long-term vision for your business, division, or department and translate it into short-term goals and activities. Leveraging IPM’s Strategic Realization Model (SRM), we combine our time-tested expertise in strategic direction, portfolio management, project execution, and organizational engagement to achieve your most important objectives.

You can rely on IPM to:

  • Help you formulate your strategic direction.
  • Lead a process to identify, prioritize, and communicate your strategic initiatives and goals.
  • Build a capability within your organization to deliver on your most critical initiatives.
  • Develop communications to engage and inspire—and drive progress.

IPM can help your organization achieve its strategic vision by breaking down your strategy to focus on the most impactful objectives, identifying actionable and measurable goals, selecting projects to achieve the strategic goals, and then executing the projects that accomplish the strategy.

What we can do for you

Assess your strategy realization capability
With a structured approach using IPM’s strategy realization maturity model as a guide, we will evaluate your organization’s current capabilities. The thorough assessment includes strategic direction and development, strategic alignment, portfolio management, project execution, change management and communication, and cultural enablers and inhibitors. We’ll identify the gaps that keep you from achieving your goals—as well as the strengths you can heighten—and recommend a path forward.

Provide a custom approach to achieve your strategy
Our approach to strategy realization considers your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Using IPM’s proprietary framework, we’ll lead the identification and alignment of the strategic goals that are most critical to your success. We’ll use our prioritization model to identify and categorize the portfolio of projects, then build a capability to align resources across the organization and execute the projects to accomplish those goals. You’ll be confident knowing that the right work is planned and getting done.

Build and lead your Strategy Realization Office
Your long-term success depends on achieving strategic initiatives, and a Strategy Realization Office (SRO) can lead the way. IPM will partner with you to build or enhance your SRO, applying our proprietary framework. Our consultants will help you define the mission and vision of the office, whether that is an SRO to oversee strategic initiatives, a Transformation Management Office to lead transformation initiatives, or an Enterprise Project Management Office to focus on large, cross-functional, high-profile initiatives. Decision making and resource planning become easier with a clear governance model. We’ll define the key strategic planning, portfolio management, and project management processes and tools that will drive success. A comprehensive communication plan and data-based performance tracker ensure alignment and visibility across your organization. IPM can provide SRO leadership—from coaching to hands-on team management—to help mobilize the team.

Count on IPM to help you achieve your strategic goals

IPM’s Strategic Realization Model is not just a tool for our clients. We use it to drive our own strategic direction, alignment, and execution. It played a contributing role in helping us achieve the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2018. In fact, the Baldrige judges recognized IPM’s strategic planning and execution competency as a “role model practice.”

When you partner with IPM, you gain access to our Center of Excellence with subject matter experts in project management and execution, project portfolio management, and strategy realization. We understand how to articulate strategies, prioritize efforts, align resources, and build key processes. Count on IPM to help you achieve your strategic objectives and build a structure and capability for ongoing strategy realization.

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