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Collaborative Project Management Office

Get your PMO up to speed quickly with a collaborative solution that drives value through reliable execution, improvement, and accelerated time to market.

In a highly competitive industry, success often depends on the ability to expedite initiatives or products from early innovation through commercial launch. Keeping pace requires a finely tuned Project Management Office that can execute effectively.

But organizations struggle to overcome the challenges of creating and maintaining a world-class PMO. The need to scale and diversify a PMO based on organizational demands can exceed its ability and expertise. High-performing project managers are promoted off the team or poached by other companies, slowing or even halting progress. Focusing efforts on their core competencies, companies rarely have a plan in place to continuously improve their PMOs.

The Fast Track to World-Class

The answer is IPM’s Collaborative PMO (cPMO). This turnkey solution provides your organization with a world-class PMO staffed with project leaders who have the skills necessary to deliver your diverse portfolio of projects. As business needs grow or change, the flexible model enables the cPMO to scale up or down, or shift direction, all while continuing to drive performance.

IPM’s cPMO will embed discipline and efficient processes into your organization; as it evolves, more of your team can be incorporated to enhance internal knowledge and influence. Once the capability is woven into the fabric of your organization, IPM will remain committed to its success through ongoing support.

It takes a long time and cultural evolution—as well as project management expertise—to create and maintain an operational PMO. If you need to get product to market quickly and can’t afford to wait, IPM’s cPMO may be the answer to ramping up and executing rapidly and flawlessly.

From Strategy to Execution

IPM is uniquely qualified to transform strategy to reality, as evidenced by the role model best practices—such as strategic planning and execution, resource planning, recruiting, and onboarding and development—noted in feedback throughout our journey to achieving the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Contact us to learn how IPM can help your PMO become a world-class entity that consistently executes, continuously improves, and drives value by accelerating progress and time to market.