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System Selection and Implementation

Applying deep expertise in business process optimization and technology, IPM can assess your practices, help you identify the right system based on your needs, and lead its implementation and adoption.

The right business technology not only makes everyday work easier, but it can also help transform companies. So, when existing systems aren’t supporting your business, it’s important to get to the root of the problem. Is it the technology, your processes, or something else?

Enterprise technology implementations are often large, complex, cross-functional initiatives. They require buy-in, leadership, and collaboration from multiple areas of the business to be successful. IPM’s technology consultants have the expertise to map your business processes then work with you to define your requirements, evaluate the options, and select the right business systems for your company.


Optimize your processes and technology

While we work alongside your team, IPM consultants use a systematic approach to maximize gains and minimize disruption. Your organizational goals will serve as the foundation, whether we’re assessing business processes and technology or leading selection and rollout of a new platform.

To help ensure your technology is serving your needs, we will:

  • Understand your current processes, data integrity, and technology ecosystem to create a roadmap to reach your future needs.
  • Leverage our experience in enterprise resource planning platforms, customer relationship management systems, quality management systems, product lifecycle management systems, regulatory information management systems, and clinical trial management systems, among others.
  • Lead a robust change management plan to drive adoption and long-term value of the new processes and system.

IPM makes sure your technology ecosystem is aligned to and supports your goals.

What we can do for you

Assess your processes and technology
IPM maps your processes, evaluates your master data integrity, and understands your requirements. We’ll identify opportunities for both process improvements and technology updates to help your company more efficiently and effectively accomplish its goals.

Optimize business processes
Whether you need a better technology solution or not, IPM will help you improve operational efficiency and control. After we assess existing business processes, together we will identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, create new processes, and implement the change.

Guide new system selection
With an unbiased vendor-neutral mindset and disciplined approach, we will help you identify the most effective solution—off the shelf or custom—based on your needs. Beyond ERP, CRM, QMS, and other large platforms, IPM can help select commercial software, such as a project portfolio management tool. If there isn’t a system available to meet your needs, we can lead the development of a custom application to help automate workflows, data collection, or reporting.

Lead system implementation
Utilizing a core competence in program management, we act as the bridge between your business and your technology partner. Our involvement ensures minimal disruption to mission-critical operations through the transition to new systems or processes. A structured approach to implementation and training considers your organization’s needs beyond technical testing. We’ll ask the right questions to help you get the most out of your system and leverage the data to drive better business decisions.

Count on IPM for system selection and implementation

Success in system selection and implementation begins when you bring the right team to the project. IPM’s technology consultants are proven project leaders and digital transformation specialists with deep technology and process management experience. Since 2012, we’ve accrued more than 100,000 hours delivering solutions for our clients. IPM has led the implementation of systems from all the Tier 1 ERP vendors as well as many Tier 2 providers.

Our customers speak to our success. While ERP implementation failure rates are between 55% and 75%, according to Gartner, our system selection and implementation clients give us “excellent” Net Promoter Scores. Our satisfied clients offer proof that you can successfully complete complex cross-functional system implementations with minimal disruption to your existing business.

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"IPM’s Project Management Consultant gave me a whole new respect and appreciation of what an excellent project manager can bring to the table on a large or small project."

Hospital Project Manager, IT Program Implementation Project

Midtronics company logo

"The IPM consultant fit right into our organization and became an extension of myself and the Business System Manager in managing the project. He became one of us and integrated into the organization like an employee.”

Walter Yonkaitis, Chief Financial Officer, Midtronics Inc.

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