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IPM CEO Talks Quality in Business Magazine Cover Story

On the heels of the announcement that Integrated Project Management Co., Inc. (IPM) is a recipient of the 2018 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Daily Herald Business Ledger featured CEO C. Richard Panico in its January 2019 cover story.

In a Q&A format, the regional business publication drilled Panico on why the company applied for the award and what it has meant for the organization. The interview included a discussion of the values that both the CEO and the company endorse and adhere to, as well as the business challenges IPM had to address to achieve its level of quality.

“Our greatest challenge was and is applying process discipline—actually utilizing the methodologies that we’ve developed—in all we do while relentlessly searching for ways to improve outcomes,” Panico told the publication. “This involved getting rid of practices and processes that were producing limited or diminishing value, and introducing new processes that better contribute to our ability to ensure high-quality results. An example spurred by the Baldrige process is an improvement to our resource planning process, which now further integrates our employees’ career path and experience desires into consulting assignment considerations.”

Read the complete article at the Daily Herald Business Ledger.

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