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Case Study

Comprehensive Plan Enables Successful $9 Million Space Reallocation for Medical Center

Project Background

A major urban medical center acquired 28,000 square feet of vacant space, after patient care operations relocated to its newly constructed children’s hospital. To reallocate and reprogram the freed-up space—an enormous undertaking—a plan and accurate cost estimate were required to secure the necessary capital funding.

This project carried a high degree of complexity due to the number of people, renovations, and moves involved. Moreover, relocating specialized medical departments required the purchase of medical equipment, the upgrading of ventilation systems and controls, and the upgrading of a water treatment facility, adding further layers of planning. Because some departments would remain in the facility throughout the renovations, it was critical to minimize disruption to patient care and daily operations.

The planning required for the tactical moves proved beyond the capacity of the medical center’s facilities group, given its resources at the time.

IPM’s Solution

Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (IPM) was retained to lead the space reallocation effort. Based on in-depth interviews with internal personnel, IPM created a planning timeline that graphically showed all moves and interdependencies inherent in the project. Once the basic timeline was established and approved, IPM’s program manager led a team (including the facilities group’s construction managers, architects, and engineers) to create a detailed plan and cost estimate. IPM also worked closely with the group’s space planner to lay out initial space planning options.

IPM then orchestrated the development of a sequencing plan for the moves and construction. The team broke down the work into eight sub-projects on the basis of discrete areas or corridors, to ensure a focused and efficient approach to each area. Some required only minor upgrades and rehabilitation; others, complete demolition and renovation.

The final plan for the 28,000 square feet consisted of 23 relocations with a total project cost estimate at $9.3 million. Senior management was able to define the scope and budget the cost of the project with a high degree of confidence.

Project Results

IPM’s disciplined project management process resulted in a plan that was both clear and convincing. Senior management approved and allocated funds for all eight sub-projects. Due to the accuracy of the plan, the medical center was able to implement the work on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption to patients and staff.

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