Integrated Project Mercy

Giving back is a core principle of Our Mission & Beliefs, the ideals we live by every day. Through Integrated Project Mercy, our employees dedicate their time and talents to their communities while strengthening their relationships with each other. 

Each of IPM’s seven offices selects a different charity to support every quarter, generally focusing on children, education, or the underprivileged. Through these efforts, IPM employees have raised thousands of dollars while contributing hundreds of hours to help those in need.

Recent Project Mercy Initiatives

IPM Boston Volunteers donating bloodHelping Children in Need

In the first quarter of 2018, IPM’s Integrated Project Mercy initiative focused on assisting children in need, with a special emphasis on Shiners Hospitals for Children. IPMers across the country responded with a variety of creative initiatives – including fundraising walks, blood drives, and even some unusual dress-up opportunities. Read more...


Project Mercy Minnesota VolunteersWarmth of the Season

During fourth-quarter 2017, IPM volunteers focused their efforts on helping the homeless, the disadvantaged, and other people in need in their communities—from helping Santa Rosa wildfire victims in San Francisco, to packing lunches for Salvation Army bellringers in Minnesota. Read more...



IPM Volunteers for Q3 Project Mercy Autism AwarenessAutism Awareness

One in 68 children have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which affects their ability to communicate and interact with others, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Because autism is typically diagnosed in the first two years of life, awareness is critical for getting early treatment. For our third-quarter 2017 Integrated Project Mercy initiative, IPM volunteers tackled the issue of Autism Awareness. Read more...


IPM 2017 Q2 Project Mercy VolunteersConnecting People to Nature

During the second quarter of 2017, our IPM volunteers focused on helping to nurture their local outdoor environments, with projects ranging from cleaning up invasive plants in nature preserves, to assisting at a therapeutic horse camp for the disabled. Read more...