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Integration Management

IPM takes a custom approach to leading your M&A integration, building your Integration Management Office, or developing a playbook for the future.

After a successful merger or acquisition, the combined organization is greater than the sum of its parts. Getting there, however, is no simple equation. The stakes are high, the pace is fast, and it’s important to get it right. Choosing a partner that considers your unique challenges makes all the difference in gaining operational control starting from Day One and capturing the full value of your M&A deal.

IPM customizes our approach to the size and scale of your M&A integration. We can serve as your integration manager, build an Integration Management Office (IMO), or develop your M&A playbook. We’ll meet you where you are.


Reach your M&A goals

IPM’s mergers and acquisitions consultants focus on the deal’s key value drivers and help you integrate not just business processes, but also people and culture. The outcome: stable operations, minimal disruption, and employees who are well-informed and prepared for new ways of working.

To deliver that smooth integration, IPM’s project management consultants will:

  • Leverage our M&A integration knowledge and experience to help you meet your goals for the newly combined company.
  • Help your organization or functional team navigate the governance, sensitive pre-close environment, and integration processes.
  • Create and apply a robust change management plan to assess where you are, then engage and empower employees to get you where you want to be.

Our flexible approach to proven service offerings helps ensure you get exactly what you need, depending on your M&A deal and unique challenges.

What we can do for you

Lead your integration
IPM will plan and execute the integration of people, processes, and technology for a business function or your entire company’s merger or acquisition. Collaborating with your Integration Management Office or steering committee, we’ll serve as program manager, designing the program structure, leading workstreams, and managing the budget. If it’s a carveout integration of a business unit or asset, we’ll prioritize the terms of the Transition Services Agreement to achieve a prompt and complete closure.

Design, build, and/or lead your Integration Management Office
Our M&A experts will set up an Integration Management Office to lead your efforts and help ensure you achieve the full benefits of the acquisition. After designing an effective IMO that prioritizes activities, defines resource needs, and outlines budget requirements, we can run the IMO or manage the projects within it.

Develop a custom M&A integration playbook
If your growth strategy includes future mergers and acquisitions, IPM can tailor our robust, proven integration playbook to meet your organization’s specific needs. A custom playbook prepares your company to tackle each phase of any M&A integration with a structure for key activities, resource allocations, change management, governance, and decision making.

Count on IPM for M&A integration management

IPM’s M&A clients speak for us. Over the past 10 years, they have awarded us with an “excellent” Net Promoter Score, whether the integration involved a deal of $50 million or more than $50 billion. Our expertise, gained from working more than 85,000 collective hours on 70-plus M&A projects—as well as from earning credentials such as Certified Post Merger Integration, Agile Scrum Master, and Project Management Professional—puts us in a unique position to help you attain your integration goals.

Expect us to become embedded in your company, as we bring structure and efficiency to the M&A integration process, share knowledge with your team, and help you achieve your key value drivers.

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