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Mergers, Acquisitions, and Integrations

IPM Unlocks the maximum value from your M&A TRANSACTION with minimum disruption to your business.

Combining two organizations requires complex functional integrations that are challenging for even the most successful companies. Gaining the benefits and synergies of a merger or acquisition requires integrating processes and systems and blending workforces and their cultures. Yet it falls to overburdened team members to manage the integration while maintaining operations and servicing customers.

To grow the business and minimize hits to the bottom line, you want to move as quickly as possible to gain efficiencies. This requires making hard decisions with incomplete information in a high-stress environment. And if you don’t get the people part right, deals can be delayed or even terminated. At the very least, you won’t get the benefits you are counting on.

IPM can optimize your success and unlock the maximum value from your M&A transaction. By working with IPM, your organization will gain:

  • Clarity and alignment around the rationale for the deal, from intended long-term value to synergies for workstreams and functions
  • Operational control from Day One with minimal business disruptions
  • Improved, integrated business processes built for organizational goals and workforce adoption
  • An ongoing portfolio of prioritized integration initiatives and projects to generate maximum value from the deal


IPM’s Approach

IPM applies professional project and portfolio management to M&A activities from beginning to end, whether applying due diligence, preparing for Day One, or driving long-term value from an integration. This approach ensures organizational alignment, clarifies responsibilities, and prioritizes the most critical activities.

Through our deep expertise in managing complex change, IPM will customize our time-tested approach to your business and its M&A deal. Together, we will:

  • Strengthen your hands-on execution team with experienced M&A implementation experts
  • Lead the operational integration using a structured yet adaptable playbook
  • Challenge biases and ensure decisions are well-vetted and objective
  • Establish detailed, integrated plans and clear responsibilities based on business priorities and impact
  • Leverage a robust change management plan to drive a positive influence on your culture


Our mergers and acquisitions experts have thousands of hours of experience leading integration projects over the past 30 years in Consumer Products, Life Sciences, and Healthcare companies. The value of deals has ranged from $50 million to more than $50 billion. While 70% to 90% of M&A integrations fail to accomplish their intended objective, IPM’s integration clients consistently give us “excellent” Net Promoter Scores.

We balance a proprietary playbook—developed and continually enhanced with best practices and innovative tactics—with a flexible approach to meet the needs of each organization. IPM drives success regardless of the pace and scale of the M&A project, with the ability to engage stakeholders from the c-suite to the functional teams.

In every client engagement, IPM is a trusted and collaborative partner, working side by side with you to help navigate obstacles, reach your goals, and sustain performance.

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