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Product Development and Lifecycle Management

Product Development in Consumer Products

Jumpstart innovation, get consumer products to market faster, and transform your portfolio with IPM’s tailored processes and product development expertise.


Consumer demands are changing more quickly than ever and companies that bring products to market faster enjoy a major competitive advantage. At the same time, accelerated new product development, SKU proliferation, and service-level challenges have made it critical to manage products throughout the lifecycle: from discovery and development to launch and on-market product management.

IPM’s disciplined approach, proven processes, and experience with consumer products ensure the right ideas get into development faster. Focusing on your strategic objectives and goals, our process can transform your portfolio and maximize profit. When innovation slows, IPM can provide the spark that ignites you to generate new product ideas quickly and efficiently.

Optimize your product development pipeline and portfolio

To help consumer products companies excel in new product development, IPM consultants will:

  • Identify gaps in your current processes across discovery, development, launch, and lifecycle management.
  • Guide your team to evaluate and prioritize new product ideas, saving time and allowing you to move forward in a predictable, transparent, and accelerated manner.
  • Apply best-in-class project management expertise to your business and market, maximizing your resources.
  • Lead a robust change management plan to gain alignment across your organization and ensure adaptation.

IPM customizes its approach to product development to meet the unique needs of your business.

How We Can Help You

Execute your critical product development projects

IPM product development consultants are execution experts with consumer products industry experience. We will plan and lead projects with your team to innovate, develop, and launch new products quickly, predictably, and transparently. With expertise in various project management methodologies such as stage-gate and Agile, IPM will tailor solutions to meet your needs.

Get the right ideas into development faster

Speed is everything with consumer goods. IPM can show you how to quickly build and analyze your idea portfolio and lead you through a process to select the best ideas for discovery. We’ll then work with you to identify the key questions you need to answer before you decide to move forward. When the right idea emerges, a customized development roadmap helps you move faster through the process.

Transform and simplify your product portfolio

When you can’t keep up with customer demand and service levels are declining, it may be time for a thorough analysis of your product portfolio. IPM will examine each product based on cost, volume, profit margin, service levels, and strategic relevance. We’ll lead you through decisions to eliminate underperforming or outdated products, reduce portfolio complexity, unlock capacity, and generate higher margins.

Jumpstart your innovation

Sometimes the problem isn’t too many ideas, it’s not enough. For this situation, IPM offers a series of workshops, structured in an Agile method, to foster innovation within your company. With objective leadership and consumer products experience, we will help you generate a wealth of new ideas.

Count on IPM for Consumer Product Development and Portfolio Transformation

A wide range of consumer products clients trust IPM to lead their product development efforts. Our clients range from large multinational food and beverage companies to family-owned start-ups. Over the past 10 years, we’ve logged 40,000 hours working on product development solutions to meet their needs. For instance, in one recent program for a large national company, IPM identified $45 million in savings and unlocked 60 million pounds of capacity through portfolio optimization.

With a disciplined approach and specialized expertise, IPM can help you discover, develop, and maximize the return on your products.


Case Study

Product Portfolio Simplification Uncovers $45 Million of Savings

If a company provides a high-quality selection of products and adds new varieties and custom creations, it’s great customer service. But when those SKUs continue to add up, it gets harder and harder to provide service and maintain costs. Learn how one company strategically reduced its product portfolio complexity to improve customer service levels, unlock constrained capacity, and increase profitability.

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