Business Technology

Technology is a critical component of a successful business. But can your current technology keep up with where you want to go?

The right technology can help your business make the best use of information and resources, empowering you to execute at your functional and strategic best. But successful technology involves much more than selecting a system. You need the right balance of people, processes, and technology to help grow your business today and in the future.

IPM can guide you through the complexities of technology selection and implementation by managing and designing business processes and coordinating resources to maximize your investment.

Our consultants can help you choose the best technology for your unique business needs, providing an impartial approach to selection and implementation, regardless of technology type. We’re not constrained by partnerships with technology vendors or solution providers; we’re focused on creating sustainable performance and lasting results.

Using on-site leadership, planning, and robust implementation processes, our consultants seamlessly integrate into your team, culture, and environment. We partner with your stakeholders to drive project execution to meet your business requirements. Throughout the engagement, we manage risk and apply change management best practice to maximize technology and process adoption.

Engage IPM for: 

  • Technology readiness: Evaluating business and work flow processes and driving sustainable improvements to optimize processes before technology selection 
  • Technology selection: Choosing and implementing enterprise and functional level technology (ERP, CRM, PLM, LIMS, HRIS, EMR and IT infrastructure)
  • Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) management: Planning and executing technology integration
  • IT project portfolio management: Ensuring project prioritization and alignment to your most critical business needs
  • Project realignment: Responding to urgent corporate needs.