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Tyler Winston


Although he originally hails from Florida, with stops on the upper East Coast and the South for education, Tyler hasn’t wasted any time in making himself at home in Southern California. Based in IPM’s Los Angeles office, Tyler applies his life science skills (bachelor’s degree in biomedical/medical engineering from Vanderbilt University, master’s degree in biomed engineering from Boston University) to help a variety of clients. In his leisure time, his interests in sports, music, and the great outdoors often converge at the beach.

When interviewing here, what impressed you most about IPM?

I was surprised by how much IPM emphasized culture, and the diligence that went into ensuring that I was a fit beyond simply my professional skills. From my perspective, it was a true differentiator in the marketplace, especially in the consulting field. I interviewed with many companies during my job search, and the fact that IPM not only prioritized this in their recruiting materials, but also supported it with tangible programs and initiatives, was extremely attractive.

Since then, what have you found as the best thing about working at IPM?

The sheer amount of talent and intelligence within the company, across the board. During our company meetings, I’m constantly impressed by the concentration of experience, skill, and expertise assembled in the same room. Combine that with a collective willingness to share, support, and collaborate, and it is an incredible asset that can help drive the growth and success of IPM.

Please tell us about your family.

I grew up as a middle child of three in Florida, with a large extended family spread across the Midwest and Northeast. I spent childhood summers surrounded by dozens of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, instilling in me a strong sense of family from an early age, for which I feel incredibly fortunate. Since they’re all also insanely smart and talented, they have an uncanny ability to fill me with love and support while also humbling me by making me feel like a bit of an idiot in comparison!

Who are some of your favorite IPM teammates?

I feel fortunate to be a part of the L.A. team, which is a fantastic group. My fellow PMAs are a lovely, motley crew who welcomed me immediately with open arms.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Most of my spare time and income is occupied by sports, music, the beach, and travel, in some order. Southern California is essentially a giant adult playground, so if you can’t find ways to entertain yourself, you simply aren’t trying. Also, based on L.A. social media profiles, doing fancy yoga poses on top of scenic mountain overlooks is something that everyone seems to enjoy, so I’m considering diving into that as a new endeavor this year.

Tyler Winston, employee spotlight photo