Manufacturers are challenged to meet customer expectations on many fronts.  

Products must quickly enter the market, be high quality, have the right features, and be priced appropriately to build and retain customer loyalty.  Market demands force manufacturers to not only evaluate their products, but continually improve their supply chains, manufacturing operations, and facilities.   

As a project management consulting firm, Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (IPM) advises on and executes manufacturing initiatives from the shop floor to the boardroom.  We take a comprehensive view of each initiative, ensuring that all operational facets and stakeholders are understood and acknowledged.  By applying the leadership necessary to motivate your teams toward a common objective, we expertly manage cross-functional teams that may have disparate agendas.

Professional project management is an invaluable tool in facilitating the delivery of your manufacturing initiatives.  Before you start your project, IPM works with you to assess if the chosen initiative is fiscally and strategically prudent and will achieve desired outcomes.  Project management tools and techniques, including risk management, ensure that quality standards are met and the time to market is efficient.  IPM blends professional project management skills with expertise in methodologies such as lean manufacturing and Six Sigma to lead completion of your initiatives better, faster, and cheaper. 

We leverage deep experience and subject matter expertise to successfully complete manufacturing initiatives such as:  

  • Manufacturing model assessment
  • Quality systems deployment
  • Product rationalization and management
  • Equipment selection and installation
  • Manufacturing facility planning and layout
  • Supply chain solutions and cost reduction
  • Operations optimization and expansion
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • Inventory rationalization and management