Mission & Beliefs

Mission & Beliefs

With a passion for excellence, honest and ethical conduct, and uncompromising integrity, IPM achieves high-quality results and consistently meets its commitments to its clients.


IPM derives its competitive advantage from its values-driven, self-motivated, and highly skilled employees: its most important asset. Therefore, IPM must ensure that employees are challenged, provided continual opportunities for growth, and treated fairly, with respect and dignity.

It is the company’s intent to maximize job security. The company’s culture must, in a disciplined yet motivating fashion, forever embrace continuous improvement and teamwork and defy complacency in any form.

Because we base everything we do at IPM on ethical practices, both internally and externally, we are honored to have twice received the Chicago and Northern Illinois Better Business Bureau's Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics (2004 & 2009). In 2010, we were a finalist for the International Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics – an award we won in 2005 – given by the Council of Better Business Bureaus. We also received the American Business Ethics Award from the Foundation for Financial Services Professionals in 2010. Additionally, our commitment to integrity and social responsibility is shown through our employees’ participation in Integrated Project Mercy.

IPM’s mission is honored each time we exceed a client’s expectations, each time an employee achieves his or her dreams, each time IPM earns an employee’s loyalty, and each time the company’s efforts positively influence our society and the world in which we live.

Why IPM Exists

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Our Fundamental Values

Honesty: truth always
Integrity: courage to choose the moral and ethical path
Caring: selfless dedication to help others
Respect: we are each important, relevant, and unique
Responsibility: duty to contribute personally, professionally, and socially
Excellence: value and quality delivered beyond expectations
Spirituality: belief in an intrinsically good, higher power, and in purpose beyond self
Humility: inward perspective that drives gracious behavior