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The IPM family consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds ranging from recent college graduates to professionals with decades of experience, from industry experts to retired military officersall of whom shape a world-class and exceptionally skilled environment. Each member of the IPM family strives to make a difference through our work, accomplishments, and provided services. We all work toward and share one common goalto remain ethical and honest, and to deliver unmatched quality, not only to our clients, but to this family.


Driven by our fundamental values, IPMers enthusiastically work hard to develop a culture of caring while working with clients, as well as to sustain a culture of family within the workplace. IPM’s objective is to provide a culture that will continue to deliver value well into the future. The focus to sustainability requires more than understanding the technical and business requirements of any project. It requires a thorough understanding of the value, philosophies, and cultural “markers” that define an organization’s “DNA.”


IPM supports its family members through an extensive range of benefits and services.

  • Covers 100 percent of medical, short-term disability and travel expenses.
  • Provides dental and life insurance for employees and family members.
  • Reimburses up to $15,000 of tuition expense for further education.
  • Offers employee referral incentives up to $10,000 and business development referral incentives up to 3% of a project’s first-year gross revenue.

IPMers also receive additional support and training through several internal initiatives.

  • Our Knowledge and Process Management (KPM) team provides customized internal training.
  • Our Centers of Excellence provide our project managers with subject matter expertise and industry and service insights.
  • Communities of Practice provide our IPMers with extensive knowledge on various and specific client situations.
  • Each IPMer receives a mentor through our formal mentor-protege program.


The performance of our staff is measured not only against the critical project management skill elements, but intrinsic character elements. Beyond the professional skills that our people hold, all IPMers embody Our Fundamental Values: honesty, integrity, caring, respect, responsibility, excellence, humility, and spirituality. Our Mission & Beliefs are ideals we live by every day. IPMers put our values to practice both internally and externally, allowing us to achieve high-quality results and consistently exceed our commitments to our clients, colleagues, and communities.


Be a part of something different. At IPM, we understand the social impact and responsibility we have to the economic and societal future of this country. Through our philanthropic program, Integrated Project Mercy, IPMers dedicate their time and talents to their communities while strengthening their relationships with each other. One of IPM’s seven offices selects a different charity for the company to support every quarter, generally focusing on children, education, or the underprivileged. Through these efforts, IPM and its employees have raised over $450,000 while contributing hundreds of hours to help those in need.


We believe development must be well-structured and optimized by molding the wisdom of experience with the energy of ambition. We selectively recruit, train, and develop our people with strong interpersonal skills to complement their solid business and technical acumen. IPMers receive ongoing education from our full-time internal trainers and attend industry conferences and training to stay current on evolving practices. Our training and development hours average more hours per year per person than most Fortune 500 companies.