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Rita James

Senior Project Management Consultant

Rita brought a variety of skills and experiences to IPM, from managing quality and regulatory programs for a healthcare company, to serving as a liaison between school districts and an operations software developer, to leading a faith ministry. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, and they have four children and 12 grandchildren, “which makes for wild and crazy gatherings.”

What impressed you about IPM when you applied?

I was extremely impressed with the interviewing and vetting process of all new IPMers. It was a very good experience for both the employer and the employee. It showed me that everyone from the CEO on through at IPM truly wants to hire a good fit, and I wanted to make my transition to this new company as a final move and fit for me as well.

How did your prior experience prepare you for working at IPM?

Most of my prior previous work and personal experience have prepared me for working at IPM because they were all in very diverse types of cultural and industrial experiences. I have worked, served, and volunteered with many different types of people in all socio and economic scenarios, and those have all taught me how to be an effective stakeholder manager, which is one of my favorite PM areas of interest.

What gets you fired up?

Mentoring someone and investing in their spiritual life, and then seeing their life change thanks to better choices and their love of God and family.

What are some interesting facts about you?

I’ve tackled two of my bucket list items! I went zip-lining and loved it so much I bought all my kids a session this past Christmas. And six years ago I got my carry and conceal license, which helped me address my fear of guns.

What’s the last adventure you went on?

In September 2018, 65 family members and friends took a trip to Ireland (our homeland of Tubbecurry near Sligo) and had a four-day reunion filled with golfing, shopping, dinners, a visit to the cottage where my grandmother’s family lived, and great fellowship. My husband and I then traveled on to other locations (Dublin, Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, Galway, Ennis, Shannon, Cobh, and Cork).

Among friends or family, what are you famous for?

Ernestine skits (based on the character created by actress/comedian Lily Tomlin). I’ve done these skits a few times for birthdays of friends and family members over the years. A gracious good morning to you…

IPM project management consultant Rita James ziplining