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Rachna Snee

Corporate Recruiter

Rachna is often the first person to meet a potential IPMer, so it’s a good thing she embodies the optimism, transparency, and knowledge-sharing spirit of the company. She brought several years’ experience in recruiting to IPM when she joined, as well as a sense of humor and affinity for new experiences. Rachna and her husband, John, are currently making their new house a forever home when they aren’t trying new activities.

What impressed you most when you applied for a job at IPM?

I actually did not originally apply. About two or three years prior to being hired here, a woman I once worked with referred me to a position in HR at IPM. At that time, I was not the right fit. I was not expecting to hear back from IPM, nor was I looking for role at the time. But in November 2017, IPM reached back out to me about the role I am in today. I was shocked they remembered me! I came back in to learn a little more and liked what I heard. What really won me over was the people I met with and how they truly embody the culture of IPM.

How did your prior experience prepare you for working at IPM?

I have been recruiting for almost eight years now. So I would have to say, my past work experience 100% prepared me for my day to day. My experience prior to recruiting prepared me for our caring culture. I have always been in customer service or sales driven positions since I started working at the age of 16. It comes naturally for me to create a great experience for candidates and help them see why IPM is the choice employer. After all, recruiting and sales are not that different.

You’re one of the first IPM people that prospective hires get to know. What does that mean to you?

This is so important. Giving a great first impression is key. I always try to be upbeat, informative, and transparent during my phone interviews.

When do you feel truly alive?

When I am being active and/or achieving something I have never done before. A couple great examples: This year, John and I started taking Taekwondo and have worked our way up to Orange belt in only one and a half months. I also like to run. In fall I ran the Pumpkin Run 5K and carried a pumpkin the whole way. Next year, I want to try for the Tough Mudder 5K.

Among friends or family, what are you famous for?

I make really good chocolate covered pretzels and put together really thoughtful creative gifts. The gift may not sound exciting to someone from the outside looking in. It is all about listening to a person on a day to day basis and thinking of something creative that you know will mean a lot to them. When John and I were dating, he mentioned to me how eagles are his favorite bird. This was almost five years ago. For his birthday next year, I am taking him to a popular eagle viewing spot in Wisconsin. I am horrible at surprises though. I had to tell him.

Rachna Snee, employee spotlight photo