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Peter Graham

Project Management Consultant

With a background in scientific research and working in a laboratory setting with Columbia University, Peter transitioned into consultative project management work with IPM. He realized that the strengths he developed from previous employers and education made the transition into a leadership position the next logical step. IPM offered him engagements across a variety of projects, allowing him to stay engaged and continue to grow. When he’s not leading projects, he’s looking for ways to entertain his wife and two active children—and find time to relax.

What impressed you about IPM when you applied?

When I was looking for the next step in my career, what impressed me was how focused IPM was on finding the right people. Unlike companies that streamline the process like a factory, IPM took their time to make sure I was the right fit. Everything was more structured, defined, and personal. It wasn’t just that I had the right background, it was important for me to be a cultural fit as well.

How does IPM continue to help you grow in your career?

Every project I have worked on has been completely different. I use the background, principles, and knowledge that I have developed over the years, but the subject matter can be new and thus very refreshing. I even had the opportunity to support some internal projects on both the Business Analytics Team and IPM’s Project Greenhouse, our in-house innovation think tank. My first internal project was the rollout of Microsoft Teams in our entire organization.

What are some of your personal interests?

Growing up and to this day, I have always been into sports. Being in New Jersey, I have a lot to choose from, and it’s probably the only reason I still have cable. As a fan of the New York Knicks, I could give a detailed presentation on the franchise’s mistakes over my lifetime that have now rendered the franchise irrelevant. But luckily, I still have my Giants, Yankees, and Manchester United.

Recently, the older my two kids get, the more their hobbies have become my own. My oldest is into gymnastics, and my youngest still needs a few more years before organized sports, but he enjoys running around and overall mayhem.

What’s the last adventure you went on?

My most interesting adventure was Port of Spain, Trinidad, for Trinidad Carnival. Insert your most vivid description of a Caribbean island and its people; overlay sounds of soca, reggae, and steel pan; add a tiny splash of rum; and think of a greater energy expenditure than had at Mardi Gras and spring break combined!

But our recent trips? Did I mention I have two kids? With things as crazy as they are, we have focused on winding down and finding new ways to relax.

Peter G family