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Kim Clark

Manager, Communication & Creative Services

Kim and her team, Communication & Creative Services (CCS) in IPM’s Chicago corporate headquarters, are in high demand by IPMers who rely on them to produce eye-catching communications for both internal and external customers. Since joining IPM in 2012, Kim has wielded her professional expertise—combined with the team-player spirit of a lifelong sports enthusiast—to deliver high-quality collateral throughout the organization.

What are you passionate about—in work or in life?

I like the idea of helping people find their voice. The core mission of my team is to identify the most meaningful message and bring it to prominence through editorial and design work. I hope doing so gives people confidence in themselves and their story, and that my mentoring and coaching outside the office engenders a similar result.

How has your previous work (or life) experience prepared you for working at IPM?

My previous experience in media relations encouraged me to present minutiae in innovative ways and highlighted the power of storytelling.

What are your favorite hobbies?

I normally try to restrain my competitive streak, but I like to challenge myself athletically—I played Amateur Athletic Union basketball, spent time in the boxing ring, and most recently have delved into powerlifting. I coach junior high basketball during the fall/winter and find it to be incredibly rewarding and entertaining. I also love to take on personal design projects, which lately feature wedding invitation suites, and investigating the world beyond the great Midwest. Recent trips include Thailand, Italy, New Orleans, and Portland.

What are some of your other personal interests?

At the risk of sounding like a dating show, one of my favorite things to do is take long walks. I regularly tune in to basketball and football (especially the Chicago Bulls and Notre Dame), and usually end my day reading until the library book smacks me in the face. My commute from Chicago also allows me to keep up with a variety of podcasts—my favorite Friday listen is How Did This Get Made.

Please tell us about your family.

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and am the second oldest of five. Ever since marrying my husband, Ray, I’ve been receiving photos of Kimberly Clark toilet paper dispensers from bathrooms the world over.

Kim Clark, employee spotlight photo