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Jeff Killian

Principal Consultant

Jeff is a Massachusetts native who works as a project management consultant out of IPM’s Boston office. A scientist by training, with more than 20 years’ business experience in molecular biology R&D, Jeff prides himself on applying his skills to helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses develop and deliver products that help alleviate human suffering. He is passionate about his work, his family, and his church, where he has played organ and piano for the children’s choir for the past 20 years. But don’t pigeonhole him: he’s also passionate about heavy metal, techno, and progressive house music!

When interviewing here, what impressed you most about IPM?

I ran into Jeff Mumford at a job fair; he was very engaging and we had a great conversation right off the bat. He suggested applying for a position in the Boston office. When I arrived for my interview, I saw my name on the door, welcoming me. It felt like everybody was excited to have me there, and that made me feel good.

How has your previous work (or life) experience prepared you for working at IPM?

I’m a scientist by training, and spent years in molecular biology R&D, so I have a highly technical background. But I also spent years working with the business aspect of companies, such as portfolio management. Those two things helped me at IPM in working with a variety of clients, especially in pharma, where you have to know biology but also engage in the business process. I use both disciplines every day.

What are you passionate about—in work or in life?

When I was a little boy, my father said, “Jeff you’re a smart kid. Use your talent to help other people.” This still rings in my head. I’m passionate about using my time, talent, and the excitement I have for science, particularly biology, to help companies develop new therapies and cures for people who are suffering.

What was one of the most challenging work situations you’ve encounteredand how did you handle it?

I had always worked in a company and reported to one manager, in one place. Being a consultant is different because you’re responsible for your sponsor and client’s needs, but also for being part of the IPM community. At first it felt like working for two different companies. The folks at IPM were very patient and provided lots of resources. I had a mentor and great managers, and people at staff meetings to talk about our experiences. Managers have been patient with me growing into the consultant role.

What are some of your other personal interests?

I like to cook and hang out with my family on the weekends. During football season, we get the whole family together to watch the Patriots, and shut everything else down. My wife and I have three sons—two have graduated college, and one is a sophomore. Even though the kids are older, we still go on a family vacation every year.

What have you found to be the best thing about working at IPM?

It’s a family environment. Everybody cares about everybody else’s success, and performing as a whole. There are resources available for learning and ways to be involved, not only with what the company is doing as a business enterprise, but as a partner in the community.