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Diana Hartmann

Human Resources Specialist

Diana lives in Chicagoland with her daughter, who is her adventure partner and a ninja in training. She says family is what gives her life meaning, as does the feeling she gets when she helps others or motivates someone to reach their goal.

Do you like being one of the first people that new IPMers get to know?

Starting a new job is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Since I am usually the first person our new IPMers meet on the first day, it’s important for me to make a good impression and help them feel comfortable when they walk through the door. I love being able to connect with all of our new hires, getting to know them, and helping to answer their questions. I like that I get to learn about everyone on a more personal level while they go through orientation.

What impressed you when you applied?

I was impressed by IPM’s culture. I reviewed the website and the reviews on Glassdoor. After seeing that IPM had received the Great Place to Work award and the abundance of good reviews, I was interested in learning more. During the interview process I liked that Rich [IPM CEO Rich Panico] took the time to meet with me and wanted to know more about me, not just about my background. IPM’s interview process was well planned and unlike any other company I had interviewed at before.

What is the best thing about working at IPM?

The culture and the people. We work with a lot of impressive people, and I am always learning from them. It also means a lot to work for such a caring organization. From staff meetings to company parties and events, IPM goes above and beyond to get everyone involved and feeling connected. Everyone at IPM gets involved in Project Mercy. From the amount of emails you get wishing you a happy birthday, to the fact that we share exciting news like promotions, new babies, and weddings at our staff meetings, and the excitement that everyone shows for each other, it shows that IPMers care about each other.

When do you feel truly alive?

Listening to my favorite music, spending time outdoors, going on road trips, and anything that gets the adrenaline flowing like riding a motorcycle ride, skydiving, or jet skiing. I’m adventurous and love to spend time outdoors. During the summer, I try to explore a new trail every weekend. We often take day or weekend trips to places where we can hike and see new sights.

What’s the last adventure you went on?

We went to Putin Bay, an island in Lake Erie. We drove around the island on a golf cart, visited a butterfly house, did a scavenger hunt, and enjoyed a lot of good food and drinks.

What’s something interesting we don’t know about you?

I’ve always had a passion for makeup. Before going back to school for my business degree, I was a freelance makeup artist. I did makeup for fashion shows and weddings and worked with a pageantry magazine. Now it’s more of a hobby. I often do makeup for my family and friends for special events.

Why did you decide to do the work you do now?

I enjoy helping people, whether it’s answering questions or finding a solution to a problem. I also like having a variety of things to work on. No day is ever the same in HR, and that’s what I like about it.

Diana Hartmann, employee spotlight photo