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Product Development - Industrial Products

Industrial producers face many challenges—one in particular is the need to efficiently bring innovative ideas to market safely and expediently while being mindful of development, scale-up, and ongoing manufacturing and distribution costs.

Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (IPM) specializes in the execution of initiatives throughout the product development process—from research and development through manufacturing, design, and commercialization. We address the complex, cross-functional nature of product development head-on in order to create synergies throughout your organization while working with your strategic and technical partners to speed the overall process. Our work also addresses the product lifecycle management of your products. IPM can help you discern how to manage the modification, enhancement, or discontinuation of a product already in the marketplace, as well as plan and implement cost reduction and value enhancement measures post launch.

As an objective third party, IPM positions itself to take a comprehensive view of your entire product development process (PDP), working with you to create an appropriate governance structure, project portfolio management process, and resource management process. Improved product development processes equate to quicker time to market and greater product launch success.

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