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How to Land Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job can feel like a nightmare! So, where do you start? We put together 5 educational tips to help you through the entire process. Starting with evaluating a company or job, tips for writing a better resume, best practices for phone interviewing, steps for a better video interview, and some on-site interviewing best practices. No matter where you are in your search, IPM has you covered to help you find the right career.

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How to Evaluate if a Company or Job is Right for You

You’ve found a position posted for what could be your dream job! But there’s more to a company and role than what you see in the ad. It’s important to do your research and know your priorities to ensure a good fit.

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10 Steps to Writing a Better Resume

Whether you are new to the workforce or have 25 years of experience, your resume is how you compete for a hiring manager’s attention. Most often it’s the only document they will look at before deciding if you’ll move forward in the interviewing process. It’s imperative you have a resume that effectively communicates your professional experience and accomplishments.

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Phone Interviewing Best Practices

In today’s increasingly busy world, many preliminary screenings are done on the phone. This interview will usually be your first point of real contact with the company. Being prepared will improve your chances of moving on to the next round.

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8 Steps for a Better Video Interview

Because of our mobile workforce and busy schedules, video interviews are becoming more and more common during the recruiting process. It can be difficult to make a good first impression on camera. Here are some tips to to help you succeed and get invited back for next steps in the process!

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On-site Interviewing Best Practices

It’s time for your on-site interview. The day will be filled with nerves and excitement, but it’s important to be confident. In our video, we have the best practices for before, and during your in person interview to help you succeed.

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