Regulatory & Quality – Consumer Products

The regulatory landscape has been steadily changing for consumer products companies across sectors and geographies. 

Businesses have been forced to respond to intervening regulatory bodies that are imposing public health warnings and mandates.  Companies must determine the actions they will take to modify product content and labels to comply with these regulations.

Professional project management is imperative to successfully achieving compliance.  Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (IPM) provides the disciplined leadership needed for regulatory and quality teams to create approaches, processes, and strategies for addressing regulatory requirements.  We ensure you have the tools and capabilities to make well-informed decisions and execute regulatory and quality initiatives in conformance with regulatory standards.

Does your organization react to regulations or proactively plan for these changes?  We’ll help you stay ahead of the curve so when regulations change, you have a plan to address them.  We have helped companies develop detailed and consistently applied product specifications, prepare for ingredient changes, and have facilitated the FDA documentation process for new products and product enhancements.