Product Development – Pharmaceuticals

In the ever-changing pharmaceutical market, new drug delivery and formulation technologies such as inhalants, transdermal patches, auto injectors, extended release, suspensions and companion diagnostics continue to drive innovation.  

Many companies are tasked with introducing bio-similars and generics, and all are challenged to develop differentiated drugs with less R&D spend.

Filling a company’s early-stage pipeline only accounts for part of the challenge.  Pharmaceutical companies must navigate today’s complex regulatory and strict commercialization environments as healthcare payers impose new cost constraints and carefully scrutinize the value medicines offer.

Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.’s (IPM) project management consultants expertly address challenges across the pharmaceutical product development process, turning the most complex situations into manageable strategies and plans.  By employing an engaged, hands-on approach, we execute your initiatives and lead your teams so that you reach your goals on time and on budget.  We impart the knowledge and best practices gained from years of experience working with some of the largest drug manufacturers in the industry. 

If you have a vision for your organization or functional area, IPM can help you make it a reality.