Product Development - Medical Technology

The global medical technology industry is under constant pressure to shrink time-to-market, lower production costs, and reduce R&D investments. 

It has become critical to offer customers differentiated products that generate clinical and economic improvement.  Increased competition has put additional pressure on margins, while challenging economic conditions have made access to capital more difficult.  The complex and evolving nature of regulations governing this industry make it more difficult and expensive to launch new products.

By crafting a lean, process-driven product development strategy, Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (IPM) addresses these challenges across all segments of the medical technology industry, including diagnostics, devices, and reagent or drug-device combinations.  We execute product development programs at all stages of development, with or without alliance collaborators, so that your product development processes foster effective decision making, optimal integration of talent, and high-value outcomes that are prudent and cost effective. 

Our skilled project management consultants work with both early-stage and some of the largest life sciences companies.