Deven D. Parghi

Project Management Consultant

Deven D. Parghi Employee Spotlight Photo

Born in India, raised in England, and educated in England, Wales, and Colorado—and completing his post-doc in Berlin—Deven is a blend of cultures and backgrounds, with a heavy leaning toward the British. He brings a wealth of experience to his work at IPM, which he joined in March 2015 in the San Francisco office. His background is in product development, and he has led domestic and international cross-functional teams including R&D, Marketing, RA, QA, and more. 

When interviewing here, what impressed you most about IPM?

The culture and the level of ethics and integrity. While most companies use “work-life balance” and “our employees are our most valuable assets” as buzzwords for recruitment, IPM was the only company that visibly demonstrated this. They didn’t just want to know if a candidate was capable of leading, but capable of leading for the right reasons (to serve those who ultimately serve others). The interviews were not about trying to prove that one could be a great consultant to serve the few well, they were about having the motivation to become a greater consultant who can serve the many very well. 

Do you have a favorite charity or philanthropic cause that you volunteer with?

I contribute to charities that help animals, whether they are our domestic friends and protectors or our wards against extinction in the wild. I try to make it a point to volunteer at Project Mercy events organized at or by the SF office. They have evolved into opportunities to engage in some truly fun extra-office team-building activities which also contribute to some great causes.

Please tell us about your family.

I have a mum in Yorkshire, two half-brothers who live in opposite corners of the world, and many, many first and second cousins. I also have a cat. Not the one in the picture – mine is generally too grumpy to be that “cute.” 

Do you have a favorite celebrity, sports team, or TV show/movie?

I think Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan are great directors, Richard Branson is a great visionary and businessman, Sir Anthony Hopkins a great actor, Mike Oldfield and Jon Hopkins great composers and musicians, and Stephen Moffat a great storyteller who re-imagined the story arc (Sherlock and Doctor Who). John Peel also deserves a posthumous mention. He was a brilliant BBC DJ whose radio show kept me company late into the nights as I studied for exams at university. I never did very well in those exams, but my appreciation for globally diverse music reached a whole new level!

The fact that all of my favorite celebrities are British is mostly coincidental.

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