Our Difference

Our Difference

Every business has good ideas; but even the best ideas have no value if they can’t be brought to life. Since 1988, IPM has helped more than 400 companies in multiple industries identify, plan, and execute their good ideas—more than 4,000 projects and counting.

More than 30 years ago, we helped shape the professional project management field. Today, we use those established processes to plan and execute initiatives, with the aim of helping your business achieve its strategic goals and positioning you for future success.

Our Approach

IPM doesn’t just hand you a plan and walk away; we help you execute that plan, from development through delivery, so that you reach your objectives quickly and efficiently. Our full-time consultants are committed to the success of your most complex initiatives. Working onsite at your business, they seamlessly integrate into your teams, using their leadership skills, experience, and objectivity to identify risks and pitfalls and ensure your project goals align with your strategy. IPM consultants will help you turn your strategy into an actionable plan, with the processes and tools you need to accomplish your goals and sustain performance even after IPM’s work is complete.

Our Collective Experience

An IPM account manager directs each engagement and on-site consultant, ensuring high standards for quality and acting as a conduit between your business and the collective knowledge of our IPM family.

IPM selectively recruits, trains, and develops employees with strong interpersonal skills to complement their solid business and technical acumen. They receive ongoing education from our full-time, internal trainers, and attend industry conferences and training to keep current on evolving best practices. Our training and development averages more hours per year/per employee than most Fortune 500 companies. Most of our consultants have Project Management Professional (PMP) designations, and many are Six Sigma certified.

Beyond their professional skills, all IPM employees embody our fundamental values: honesty, integrity, caring, respect, responsibility, excellence, humility, and spirituality. They share a deep commitment to our clients and a passion for excellence.

Our Centers of Excellence

To help foster expertise and knowledge sharing in our targeted service lines and project types, IPM has established centers of excellence—dedicated teams of subject matter experts whose collective intelligence are yet another way for IPM customers to tap into our rich resources and thousands of years of combined experience. This expertise helps IPM provide insight into complex problems and challenges, and foresight in helping you identify the challenges that lie ahead.

Training and education at IPM is driven by our Knowledge and Process Management (KPM) team, which uses evolving industry best practices as a toolbox of skills for our consultants to use.   

All of these components ensure that when you hire us, you don’t just get an individual consultant, you get the support of the entire IPM team.