PPM Software Should Come With A Warning Label

Download PDF PPM Software: Warning Label


Purchasing the latest and greatest Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software solution will not automatically boost project results, advance your Project Management Organization (PMO) maturity level, or quell past PPM obstacles. It will, however, address these needs if coupled with processes, tools, and a team of excellent project managers (PMs). Strong PM leaders, together with rigorous process and the right PPM software, can fix lingering issues like missed deadlines, budget overruns, and misaligned resources.


  • PPM software can be used to create, store, and manage integrated project schedules, communication plans, meeting agendas, risk plans, change-orders, and activity tracking.
  • PPM software is not intended to resolve any complex human interaction issues such as changing priorities, lack of management alignment, competing agendas, unclear success criteria, or lack of committed resources – these issues must be addressed with the process, leadership, vision, and communicat


  • Dedicate time and resources to purchasing the right PPM software for your organization.
  • Recognize the need for strong process, discipline, and leadership; strong project managers.
  • Realize that a skilled PM equipped with a rigorous project management process and the right PPM software can:
    • Track progress and metrics to enable consistent project, portfolio, and resource analysis.
    • Ensure alignment with corporate strategy and balance competing agendas among team members.
    • Interpret data in a meaningful way to make better informed decisions and to ensure success.
    • Deliver tailored messages to audiences with varying levels of involvement and understanding.
    • Motivate resources to achieve progress and complete tasks on time, on budget, and on schedule.
    • Predict and mitigate risk using insight and foresight leading to fewer project failures.
    • Recommend cost-efficient solutions that meet the individual needs of the organization.