Onward to 100 Years: IPM Celebrates 30 Years of Business 

IPMers celebrating 30th anniversary in Coronado Island, California

Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (IPM) celebrated its 30th anniversary in September, a milestone that has become increasingly more challenging for companies to attain in the rapidly-changing business world. 

IPM started with the dream and entrepreneurial spirit of C. Richard Panico, IPM’s founder, president, and CEO. On Sept. 20, 1988, IPM became more than a dream; IPM became a reality, one that Rich continually renews today, 30 years later. 

The ability to not only sustain but prosper for the last three decades is attributable to the passion, drive, and love for the IPM family by Rich and the entire management team. IPM family members, both past and present, as well as clients, serve as the foundation for IPM’s 30-year achievement. To recognize the IPM family for their commitment and dedication to serving clients and each other, Rich and his 30th Anniversary team arranged a company-wide weekend celebration in Coronado Island, California, Sept. 14 – 16.   

The cornerstone event of the weekend was a Saturday evening gala at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort to officially commemorate IPM’s milestone anniversary. More than 320 IPM family members and guests from all seven office locations, gathered for the event. 

The evening’s program included a video presentation and remarks recognizing the entire IPM family for their hard work, commitment to quality and excellence, and most importantly, support of IPM’s values. 

In his closing remarks that evening, Rich thanked the IPM family members for making the attainment of 30 years possible and for entrusting him as their leader. 

“Tonight, we celebrate 30 years of goodness and trajectory that has been well established. This trajectory is fueled and sustained by good and selfless ambitions…your ambitions. When I refer to you, I include the spouses, significant others, and friends who are with us tonight and whose support has also been instrumental to our successes. 

We have many more chapters to write in the IPM Story. Tonight, I welcome each of you to write a chapter by pursuing your dreams within the structure of this good and great company.” 

As a values-driven company consisting of leaders full of dreams and ambitions, the future of IPM is bright, the IPM story is only less than a third complete, and the journey to 100 years will be pursued.