What is project management consulting?

IPM defines project management consulting as the complete immersion into a client’s business in order to lead, advise, and manage a project. By applying the discipline of project management to an organization’s key initiatives, we successfully complete complex, deadline-driven projects. Our project managers work on-site and provide an objective, third-party view.

When should I consider using an outsourced project management service like IPM?

You should consider IPM if your company lacks the necessary in-house expertise or resources to complete your projects. Some firms are faced with difficult decisions or contentious, third-party relationships that require an objective facilitator. In other cases, a company wants to learn project management best practices to establish a template for continuing success. Whatever your needs, IPM’s services will ensure expert execution of your cross-functional projects.

Why not just hire our own project management staff?

Some companies find it difficult to recruit, train, hire, and retain good project managers, and prefer to bring in an external expert like IPM to manage critical projects when there is a need for highly skilled resources who can hit the ground running.

Is engaging IPM a good investment?

The cost of professional project management should be viewed relative to its contribution to the bottom line. IPM’s clients consistently realize a significant return on their investment. One client reported a 400% return on every dollar invested in IPM services, resulting from an earlier product launch and operating cost savings.

Do you use project management software?

While IPM often uses applications such as Microsoft Project or Office Suite, we do not endorse specific project management software packages, and instead choose the appropriate tool for each client’s needs.